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Richardson: "I always tell my kids: If you get stopped, pull over as quickly as you can, roll your window down and put your hands on the steering wheel."Victor: "You have to pull over when the lights come on or risk getting a felony flight from law enforcement charge. You have to provide your license, registration and proof of insurance."How do I avoid a confrontation? If the officer says, 'Turn off the radio and shut up,' turn off the radio and shut up. I tell people not to argue; the officer doesn't have to inform you of why they pulled you over at the time. "If an officer gets you out of your vehicle you have to remain there because you're detained."What is being respectful?You need to talk to the officer like you would talk to your priest or to your parents. Do I have to smile, or not communicate any displeasure? It won't change anything, and you can argue in court if you think you've been unfairly treated. "If you say it with a smirk, you're going to get in trouble."How is an officer who stops me supposed to treat me?"There are a lot of moving parts."Don't I have rights?Richardson: "Yeah, you have rights, but if a police officer is scared and you do something wrong, you could get shot.That means the officer has to assess whether you are a threat and to stop you in a way that doesn't endanger you, other motorists or the officer.The officer has to take in your movements, those of any passengers, your state of mind, the flow of traffic, run your plates and ID, communicate the location of the stop as well as what's happening, and keep apprised of radio traffic that may or may not involve you.

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If an officer requests to see a concealed-weapon permit you have to show them that if you have one and you're concealing it."What questions does the driver have to answer and which ones can she or he refuse to answer without risk of arrest?

You need to be respectful.""You want the officer to not perceive you as antagonistic or a threat. You just have to be courteous and let the officer feel valued. Victor: "There's a Constitutional required level of conduct for police officers. Departments normally have standards of conduct that exceed that, which they call professionalism: things like courtesy and being polite. They can only stop you on reasonable suspicion of a crime or a traffic offense. They don't get to stop you on a hunch." Officers are also not allowed to use excessive force, but the definition of such must be determined by a court depending on each situation.

This also allows time for an appeal if the first request is denied.… continue reading »

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He had married in Strand RD, September Quarter 1871, Sarah Maria Cottrell [GRO Marriage Index], daughter of Thomas Cotterell. She married 2ndly, with settlement dated 27 January 1761, his distant kinsman, Captain Terence Prendergast. Used arms of Williams; ee Fox-Davies ii (1930) 1660., for Monday, (Issue 1575), Page 1b (and elsewhere in that issue, and again on Tuesday, ), has previously been noted [found by me on 30 July 2008].… continue reading »

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This includes a yearly interview with the District Committee, submitting transcripts detailing your educational progress you make, and submitting any additional paperwork your District Committee may require that demonstrates your personal and professional growth and the progress you are making toward your goal in ministry.… continue reading »

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The Call Of Camisoles Nothing screams sexy like a well made camisole.… continue reading »

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If you own a different model to the one described in this article, then the Garmin Map Install process of buying new mapping regions for different countries and areas is exactly the same.… continue reading »

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