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Once I put the kippah on they knew exactly where I stood.

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I had just got back from Israel, where I became religious and where kippahs are about as common as cellular phones.

However, my first Shabbat in Vancouver, I was informed that one is not allowed to carry anything on Shabbat (in the absence of an eruv, which didn't exist). So I decided to bite the bullet and walk all the way home wearing my kippah. I hope he doesn't beat me up." As the months and years went on I got more comfortable wearing my kippah and started wearing it almost all of the time. Despite the fact that Canada is probably the most multi-cultural, tolerant country in the world, I still couldn't do it.

That meant that after shul I couldn't put my kippah in my pocket! During that walk home, I must have looked like an escaped mental patient with a serious case of paranoia. But when I applied to summer internships at law firms in Vancouver I didn't wear my kippah to the interviews. But I discovered there were problems with not wearing a kippah at work.

With my previous kippah-wearing difficulties under my belt, I was determined to go to my Toronto interviews wearing a kippah.

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My first interview was in a downtown firm that I was really interested in.

The community has sometimes been characterized as "Traditional Orthodox", in contradistinction to the Modern Orthodox, the other major branch of Orthodox Judaism (not to be confused with the movement represented by Union for Traditional Judaism, which is even more "modern" than the Modern Orthodox). Indeed, adherents see its beliefs as part of an unbroken tradition dating from the revelation at Sinai.