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Volunteers don't have to be Muslim - ask your friends too if they're interested.. 15 to 20 years ago they fled from Burma and lived in a refugee camp in Bangladesh.

People mentioned that if you looked at him, you would be struck with awe but when a person got to know him, he would realise that he had an extremely soft heart and was filled with kindness and compassion.When Haji Ebrahim Padia Saheb of Isipingo Hills was young and newly married, his cousin Haji Bhai Padia (Rahimahullah) made effort on him to spend time in the path of Allah Ta’ala.It was after engaging himself in those days in the effort of dawat, that he eventually sacrificed and dedicated his entire life for the purpose of Dawat and Tableegh and travelled to many parts of the world for the sake of Deen.WATCH ISLAM TV ON YOUR i PHONE, i PAD OR ANDROID PHONE SEE THE NEW LOOK ISLAM TV AUSTRALIA NOW WITH INDIVIDUAL CHANNELS FOR EASY ACCESS TO YOUR FAVOURITE SPEAKERS. If you have a topic or opinion that you want to write about or want seen covered or any news item that you think might be of benefit to the Crescents Community please e-mail Articles and opinions appearing in this newsletter do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Crescents of Brisbane Team, CCN, its Editor or its Sponsors, particularly if they eventually turn out to be libellous, unfounded, objectionable, obnoxious, offensive, slanderous and/or downright distasteful.

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If you know of any one who is interested in being an MDA volunteer for these families, please tell them to contact Michelle Stook (Volunteer coordinator). The volunteers need to inform Michelle that they want to work for the Rohingya clients, or they can express that they want to work with case worker Lailas Families. AU atch Crescents Community News at Please feel free to post an entry on our Wall, start up a Discussion thread and/or become a Fan.

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The latter mountain pass lies between the valleys of Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald and connects the lower Männlichen-Tschuggen range to the Eiger.… continue reading »

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