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I kept this oath for several years, only fantasizing about being tied up while masturbating - and hating me for this. At the age of 16 I was very close with another girl from my school.

We had met on a school party and, by chance, had danced together, coming closer to each other with each dance.

Today it is very easy for a teenager to find information about BDSM if interested, but in my youth there was next to no chance to inform myself.

What I knew after this episode was that I could probably like the idea of being tied up - and of being with a woman. They have reached an by age now where I do not dare to bother them with details about my sexual needs. When I was looking at my schoolmates I could never ever imagine that somebody else could feel the same as I did. Pupils today, as I have heard, do talk very frankly about the various versions of sexuality. Thanks to heaven again, both my parents had jobs, such that after school I had our apartment all for myself.

Luckily I had not also tied my ankles, which I had done on previous occasions. In sheer panic I ran into the kitchen, fumbled open the drawer with the knives, took out my father's meat knife and began, slowly and suddenly calm and cautious, to cut through the clothes line encircling my wrists. It was quite a stressful task, because my hands were already trembling and the knot had tightened so much that I had only very little slack to hold the knife and keep cutting through my bonds. The tight clothes line had left red and deep marks around my wrists and there were tiny bleeding traces of little cuttings from the knife.

Twice or more often I cut myself instead of the clothes line, but after what felt like eternity I could get free. For the next week or so I only would wear some of my sweat shirts with long and worn out sleeves, extremely cautious in my movements to not let them slip up.

I went through the pages, looking for good pictures of naked people in various poses, giggled about some pictures, and stumbled upon an article about what was called BDSM.

At some afternoon, laying together in the afterglow I asked her if she ever had fantasized to tie up somebody.

I rushed through the magazines for something interesting and was caught by a magazine for grown ups, that I today would call a plain vanilla entertainment guide for couples that were sexually done with each other.

For my today standards this magazine was crap, but at the age of 13 it attracted me as a moth being drawn to a burning candle.

My aversion against knife releases definitely stems from this episode.

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As over-reaction is very normal in teenage years, I ripped my preciously kept picture from the very magazine into pieces, dumped it and swore to myself that I never ever would do this stupid bondage thing again.The next weeks were a mind blowing bliss of afternoon teenage sex how only two girls can experience it together.

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