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I am not gay, but it was hard to argue that I wasn't sexually aroused by the situation. And I don't have all day, so fucking strip, man," he commanded as he walked over and unzipped his Levis. I stripped off my shirt and slacks, removed my socks, and stepped out of my boxers, now standing in my naked glory in front of this young man."OK," I croaked, finding it hard to believe I was nearing the point of no return on sucking my first cock. I'm a runner, logging 30 miles or so a week, so I stay in pretty good shape.He was probably mid-twenties, with long dirty blonde hair, maybe 6'2" with a swimmer's body. "I'd say fine and let you flake except that tent in your trousers says you want this as bad as I need it." Horrifically, the boner in my pants clearly screamed that I was ready for action.He was wearing a pair of tattered jeans, a polo shirt, and a pair of flip-flops, looking like the quintessential Southern California preppy rich kid. "Nice house." "I don't know what you are talking about son," I weakly replied, deciding on the fly to try and diffuse this unpleasant situation. And as the only action in my future was me, on my knees, blowing this young stud to completion, it looked like I was going to have to honor my commitment. I could do this just this one time, chalk it up to a "life" experience, and file it away deep in the recesses of my mind.I'm still very much in the closet and outwardly I appear as the perfect suburban husband, father, employee and neighbor.I love my wife and family but I recently found a new hobby that I crave with a passion; I can't get enough of my neighbor's big hard cock. I'm an economics professor at UC San Diego and my office is in one of the older buildings on campus.

It has several urinals and four stalls and rumor has it the remote washroom is a hotspot on campus for guys to exchange oral favors.My dick remained rock hard as he used my throat for his pleasure.