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12-Jun-2017 17:22

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I advocated the position that Christ never claimed to be God, but rather that Christians had forged all verses that would indicate such a claim.

Interspersed were many smaller prayers, such as the prayer recited during ceremonial washing (wudhu), the prayers before reciting the Qur’an, the prayers before the morning salaat (fajr), and the prayers immediately after fajr. But the prayers did not stop there; a devout Muslim’s day is full of the remembrance of God through traditional Islamic methods.

Fourth, there are multiple fragments of manuscripts that can be dated to within a couple of centuries after Christ’s death which we have in our possession even now (the earliest dating to less than 100 years after Christ, 125 AD).

Fifth, he claimed that whole copies of the Bible are available from around three centuries after Christ’s death.

And although the Qur’an says that the Gospels (al-Injeel) were given by God, they had been irretrievably modified and corrupted in the centuries after Jesus.

Why else would there be so many versions of the Bible throughout history, with constant editions and revisions even today?Finally, the previously mentioned estimate of 95% accuracy was a conservative one; in actuality it is closer to 98 or 99%.

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